Here’s how to protect your devices from the summer heat

Here’s how to protect your devices from the summer heat

If you're like most people, your portable devices are never far from your side. But now that it’s summertime, you need to take a few extra steps to protect your devices from the heat.

Overheating may cause your device to slow down or hang, so keep your devices cool this summer by following these tips:

Make sure your devices have plenty of ventilation

Portable devices can get very hot, very quickly. So it's important to make sure they have plenty of ventilation to help them cool down and prevent overheating.

One way to do this is to use laptop cooling pads. Not only do they elevate your machine and let air move freely beneath it, but they also have fans that increase air circulation.

Overheating may cause your device to slow down or hang, so keep your devices cool this summer.

Avoid direct sunlight

Keep your devices out of direct sunlight, as the sun can cause serious damage to your devices if they're exposed for too long.

If you need to work outdoors, do so in the shade. You'll do your devices ⁠— and your skin ⁠— a huge favor.

Don't leave your devices in your car

High heat and humidity can do a number on electronic devices, so never put your laptop in the trunk of your car. Put it in the passenger compartment while in transit so it's in an area cooled down by the air conditioner.

Once your ride is over, bring your laptop with you if you'll be gone for more than 10 minutes. The vehicle's interior will heat up quickly, so leaving your device inside for prolonged periods of time is a bad idea.

Use a cooling case or sleeve

If you're going to be out in the heat for long, consider using a cooling case or sleeve for your devices. These can help keep your devices cool and prevent them from overheating.

Switch on the battery saver feature

Mobile devices like smartphones and laptops are constantly attempting to connect to networks and other endpoints. These features are fantastic if you need to connect your device to a Bluetooth headset or access the internet, but each one uses up battery life and makes the device heat up.

To keep your device from overheating, shut off any extra features, such as Wi-Fi, GPS, Bluetooth, and so on, when you're not using them. Many smartphones have a power-saving feature that, when activated, reduces syncing, background network usage, and location checking.

Some Android devices include a DU Battery Saver app. This app can detect a device's rising temperature and shut the gadget down before the heat can do any damage to it. If you have an iPhone, your device will alert you when it’s overheating by giving you a “temperature warning”.

When your device does overheat, shut it off ⁠— then wait

Most people have the sense to turn off their devices when these get too hot. However, not as many people let their devices cool down completely before turning them back on.

Switching on your device while it's still hot can wreak havoc on its components and reduce its lifespan. Waiting for it to cool down prevents these things from happening and keeps your device useful for as long as possible.

By following these simple tips, you can help protect your devices from the damaging effects of the summer heat. If you want to learn more about how to take care of your IT machines in every season, turn to our hardware specialists from Healthy IT today.