Cloud Hosting Solutions for
Small Businesses

Cloud Hosting Solutions will provide your business with a seamless, secure way to manage your resources

In recent years, the most significant development in business management technology has been the shift from on-premise, server-based software, to hosted cloud services. As businesses transition to cloud-based software, they’re able to take advantage of seamless remote access, greater time savings, significant long-term cost savings, better security, 99.9% uptime guarantees, and data backup with the click of a button. With this shift also comes new expectations. Today's customers are accustomed to completing most of their tasks quickly and easily online. Therefore, they may prefer the convenience of an online chat and getting information online rather than walking into your business. Of course, technology can never fully replace experienced professionals, but it is making the role as a business owner more competitive and complex.

Healthy IT's Cloud Hosting experts will seamlessly transition your industry-specific software to Offsite Cloud in order to give your business the advantage of having increased access to information, better collaboration, streamlined workflows, more secure and reliable information infrastructure, and fewer barriers between you, your customers, and your employees. To keep your business running efficiently and competitively, we will ensure you have instant access to your information from anywhere. Whether you are at home and forgot something in the office, or in a business meeting needing access to presentations, we will set you up to where you can access anything you may need with or without internet access. We will also set you up with a Virtual Private Network (VPN) so that you can access your business's management system quickly and securely. Let Healthy IT create a smooth shift to Cloud Hosting for you and your business. You don’t have to fall behind with the competitive and evolving technology!

Healthy IT’s Cloud Hosting Solutions give you

  • A smooth transition to cloud-based industry-specific software so you don’t have to worry about productivity issues
  • Your own VPN to keep your connection secure and encrypted against threats
  • Seamless software integrations so new technologies immediately work with your current infrastructure
  • The ability to access important company data and customer information without internet access through Offsite Cloud
  • Expert recommendations of evolving software and technology to keep your business up-to-date and competitive

Healthy IT Helped Us Through a Massive Cyberattack

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Joseph Gadaleta

Joseph Gadaleta
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