Dr. Steven M. Katz

Superior Knowledge, Quick Assessment and Resolution

When I originally engaged Healthy IT for my Dental Practice, they quickly assessed the problems resulting from improper software installation by a non-Dental Systems Integrator. They are available to quickly ...Read More

Smile Potential Dental Practice Coaching

Tulika Narain

Swift Response to any issue!

Healthy IT’s response time to ANY issue has been swift!  We are very dependent on our computers and have never had to compromise patient safety, thanks to Healthy IT.

The Healthy IT team is proactive and often sends us recommendations ...Read More

SV Pediatric Center

David T. Jones

Reliable, Professional, Punctual and Brilliant

Healthy IT provides my office with near-Immediate response times to correct our issues, monitor our network - sometimes even without us even knowing there was a problem! Healthy IT allows me to focus on my daily ...Read More


Paul B. Heller, DMD

I never have to worry about my data!

Each day, I receive an e-mail letting me know that all is well, and that my data is securely protected offsite. No matter what concerns arise, I know I can count on Healthy IT to immediately repair any problems. I always ...Read More

General and Cosmetic Dentist

Nancy Isakson

Knowledgeable Dental IT Specialists

The biggest factor in changing IT companies is the quality of Technical Support. Healthy IT excels at rapidly assessing the situation and creating a solution for us. We enjoy the proactive ...Read More

East Hampton Dental Group

David Lorenzo

Help is Just an Email or a Phone Call Away!

The biggest benefit from working with Healthy IT is that we have confidence that if any IT problems occur, they are responsive and will get us back up and fully functional quickly and professionally. They don’t ...Read More

Massapequa Park Dental

Monica Pinelli

Quick, Reliable Service

We have been with Healthy IT for many years (since 1997 in fact!) and always feel that our data is safe, our computers are being monitored and there’s a plan for the future. We are completely confident in their ability to service all of our 7+ ...Read More

Sachem Dental Group

Anthony Gentile

Timely Responsive and Confidence-Inspiring!

The best benefit to working with Healthy IT is their fast response time and the confidence we have knowing that any tech issue will be resolved in a timely manner, and without excuses. ...Read More

Sachem Dental Group

Ashley Shae

Quick Response in times of Crisis!

When the computers are acting up, Healthy IT is there to help quickly with personable service. They are always able to fix our issues, are reliable, easy to work with and are efficient!

Pinnacle Dental

Steve Levy, DMD

Using Healthy IT will make you feel more secure with your technology!

Healthy IT is very knowledgeable regarding the dental software which seems to be the most troublesome aspect of our system. They are able to integrate and get the various pieces to communicate ...Read More

Progressive Dentistry

Carl Lavorata

We now have confidence and peace of mind knowing our systems are in the best of hands!

Healthy IT returns calls promptly, have all of our computers on remote access so that they can remote in and solve any problem quickly and easily. ...Read More

Alan Kantro

My Office’s Transition to Digital Radiography was Effortless and Flawless!

Healthy IT made the transition easy, and the team is always available. If I have a technical problem, Healthy IT is there for me whether it be remotely logging in or with an onsite visit. They ...Read More

Steven Boral

Great Troubleshooting! Healthy IT Gets Us Up and Running as Quickly as Possible!

The Healthy IT Team of technicians is excellent and they provide us the best support – Service with a Smile! They have been helpful with all of our technology needs and help ...Read More


Stephen Fluger

Unparalleled Knowledge of Dental Software and Technology

With Healthy IT, we are working with a company whose response time is excellent. Access to someone for help is amazing! A phone call or email elicits immediate response and a follow-up. Healthy IT ...Read More

Glen Ehrenman

Promptness in Problem Resolution

Working with Healthy IT provides my busy pediatric dentistry practice with access to knowledgeable, skilled technicians who can quickly respond to any issues that arise. When we came onboard initially, we had many Emergencies which Healthy ...Read More

Steven Kornhaber

They Make Tech User Friendly

Prior to working with Healthy IT, our technology experience was very chaotic. The team at Healthy IT makes technology user friendly, and if there ever is a problem (which we don’t see much of these days), they fix it quickly. Healthy IT makes ...Read More