Top benefits of cloud computing in 2021 and beyond

Top benefits of cloud computing in 2021 and beyond

It’s hard to imagine a time when healthcare professionals did not have cloud tools at their disposal. Everything was paper-based, and doctors, dentists, and other medical staff had to rely on their smarts and organization skills to keep workflows smooth.

In 2021, they still bank on their smarts but luckily, those days of paper-based workplaces are gone. Now, cloud solutions are even more indispensable as the public health crisis continues to force businesses to manage their company and their employees from home. Unfortunately, the next couple of months may even be more challenging for many New York enterprises. These advantages of cloud computing can ease some of your concerns.

benefits of cloud computing

The cloud reduces operational issues

When you’re working on the cloud, you’re essentially outsourcing your computing resources to a third-party that’s an expert in cloud technology and computers. You don’t have to worry about things like servers and managing, upgrading, or replacing them. These are all handled by cloud service providers.

They have technicians dedicated to keeping servers running optimally. Your in-house IT staff won’t have to worry about fixing servers themselves. At most, they'd have to get in touch with the provider in case of issues like difficulties in accessing your remote server.

The cloud increases team collaboration

Google’s G-Suite applications and programs like Gmail, Calendar, and Drive are used to create documents, spreadsheets, and presentations; schedule and conduct meetings; and share and access files. On the other hand, Microsoft’s Office 365 productivity suite, composed of programs such as Word, Outlook, and Teams, is also quite popular and has millions of users worldwide.

These two popular productivity suites are powered by the cloud. And regardless of which platform you choose based on your needs, working style, preference, and budget, you need these tools to allow employees to collaborate in and out of the workplace.

The cloud saves you money

To buy a server for your small practice, you need to pay around $1,000–$3,000 upfront; to rent a cloud server, you need to pay around $100–$200 per month, or even less. The choice for many small businesses is crystal clear — to rent.

If the idea of paying only for the amount of storage you need in fixed monthly subscriptions appeals to you, opt for the inexpensive cloud storage. If you don’t wish to spend any time worrying about hardware upgrades and maintenance, cloud storage is also best.

But bear in mind that your storage needs depend on the nature of your business and operations. There are several factors to consider such as your required uptime and availability, the business applications you use, and more. That’s why you should consult our cloud experts about your storage needs first.

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The cloud improves security

There are security risks involved whether you store data in local servers or have them hosted in cloud storage off-site. You’re probably even worried that programs and data (your company’s most critical digital assets) in the cloud are exposed to a host of cybercrime.

The opposite is true. 94% of businesses actually saw an improvement in their security after moving to the cloud. And despite certain risks, data stored in the cloud still enjoy greater security than those hosted locally. For the latter, there’s the risk of internal data theft for which your IT staff would have to remain alert. And with high incidences of breaches caused by insider threats, you’re better off keeping sensitive information off-site where a cloud provider can monitor them 24/7.

The cloud is sustainable

Cloud computing’s benefits go beyond dramatically cutting down your paper usage; it also contributes to energy efficiency. Several years ago, experts predicted that by 2020, no-cloud policies will be nonexistent. That means a majority of organizations will be using some form of cloud service in 2021 and beyond.

And that’s just as well. Moving to the cloud is not just cost-effective, easy to implement, secure, and productivity-boosting, but it is also environmentally friendly. Cloud-powered offices that allow their workforce anytime, anywhere access to their programs and data contribute to the reduction of commuter-related carbon emissions. The planet, not to mention your employees, will appreciate it.

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