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Due to our dedication to providing the highest quality support for your practice, we will have a brief 10-minute Discovery Call following your submission to ensure all of your IT needs can be met with excellence.



What Does Healthy IT Do?

Healthy IT is a managed IT consulting and service provider located in New York. They specifically serve single and multi-site medical and dental offices that have a large and growing patient base. They are ideally suited for offices with a high concentration of technology; therefore, their minimum account size is an office with 10 computers. They offer several monthly service plans that can be tailored to your specific IT needs, with 10% off for clients that are partnered with the UDA.

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Why Choose Healthy IT?

Healthy IT provides superior business services in a rapid fashion. For example, initial phone call pickup time is measured in seconds and for managed clients, they connect to any workstation and/or server in under a minute to diagnose the problem. They say that time is money, and for busy dental offices they get that better than anyone else because their managing staff members both came from clinical backgrounds prior to working in the IT industry. This gives them the niche knowledge about what dental practices need to succeed that other IT companies don’t have. Through supporting offices for over 25 years, they've gained the maturity of solution experience to be able to properly support and guide offices towards excellence and long-lasting solutions for their practice technology.