Why does your law firm need VoIP?

February 20th, 2022
Why does your law firm need VoIP?

It's vital for New York law firms like yours to make client service the best that it could be. One way to do this is by upgrading your communications technology. If you're still using traditional landlines, it's time to switch to a VoIP for your law firm (Voice over Internet Technology). Let's look at the ways this feature-packed tech will benefit your practice.

You'll get more for way less

VoIP phone systems are more affordable than traditional landlines, making a law firm VoIP phone system the ideal choice. For instance, a low-end business phone system may cost your company about $200 per handset. You also still have to pay landline installation and long-distance call fees. But with VoIP, you can get a custom phone system with all the features you need for less than $50/month.

VoIP packages are normally based on the number of users who'll be using the service and not on the number of devices that'll be included in the VoIP system. To illustrate, if you have four people in your team, and everyone needs to use the same line for their main office and home office phones, the package will be for four users, not eight devices.

You'll enjoy better calls and connectivity

VoIP delivers calls over the internet, so if you have a high-speed connection, your law firm's VoIP phone system won't likely encounter issues with call quality. Voice quality is crystal clear with VoIP, making it seem like you’re talking to someone face to face. This, in turn, makes communicating with clients, colleagues, and business partners much easier.

Your office will be more flexible

VoIP calls can be made from anywhere as long as you have internet connectivity, so your paralegals and lawyers have more freedom than ever before to work remotely or on the go when using a VoIP for your law firm.

Additionally, top-notch VoIP services provide virtual extensions, which allow calls to be automatically forwarded from a person's desk phone to their mobile or another fixed line. This reduces the likelihood of people missing calls when they're away from their desks.

You can leverage various VoIP features

Beyond voice calls, VoIP also powers chat, video calls, and video conferencing. Advanced VoIP platforms easily let you transition from a voice call to a video call with the click of a button. This is perfect for firms that want to hold virtual meetings, interview potential hires, or just catch up with colleagues. 

Other top-of-the-line communication features that help law firms serve their clients include:

  • Conference bridge – Easily connects people into a single call for instant conferencing.
  • Call recording – Archives calls so you can review discussions. Call durations are also recorded, which means that you can more accurately keep track of billable hours spent on client calls.
  • Call me now – Enables your website visitors to click a link or a button to initiate a call with a client representative.
  • Call queuing – Lets incoming callers stay on the line instead of making them leave voicemails. You can set this feature up so that those on hold hear pleasant music, marketing messages, and/or estimated waiting times.
  • Voicemail to text – In case existing or potential clients do leave voicemails, this feature automatically converts voice messages into transcribed text messages or emails. Users no longer have to call a voicemail number to listen to messages since they only have to go to their inbox to read them.

Are you ready to shift to VoIP for your law firm? Contact us today to find out how we can help your firm make the switch quick and easy!