Cybersecurity: Why your business must outsource it

August 15th, 2022
Cybersecurity: Why your business must outsource it

Many company executives believe outsourcing cybersecurity is a cost-effective way to address the increase in cyberattacks that started upon the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic.

However, there are managers and business owners who hesitate to entrust their cybersecurity infrastructure to a managed services provider (MSP). Some are concerned about taking on additional expenses while recovering from the pandemic's economic effects. Others are reluctant to put their critical systems and sensitive information in the hands of a third party. They become so focused on these risks that they overlook the many benefits of outsourcing cybersecurity, such as the following:

Optimized cybersecurity systems

Having a cybersecurity strategy is one thing, but ensuring its effectiveness is another thing entirely. Therefore, you must have an MSP evaluate how effective the strategy is in defending your company from attacks.

When you hire an MSP, they'll accomplish a full assessment of your cybersecurity systems. They'll run simulations to check how well your cyber defenses work and review how faithfully you're complying with data regulations. All of these will form a picture of your organization's risk exposure and ultimately help you make informed cybersecurity decisions as well as improve your cybersecurity strategy.

A cybersecurity strategy is one thing, but its effectiveness is another thing entirely. Therefore, you must have an MSP evaluate how effective the strategy is in defending your company from attacks.

Access to a wide range of expertise and cutting-edge solutions

Cybersecurity specialists are getting harder to come by, especially for small- and medium-sized businesses like yours. Thankfully, MSPs are better positioned to snag and keep such specialists. And since cybersecurity is a broad and deep section of IT, MSPs hire a wide range of experts who continuously update themselves on the latest security tech and trends.

Lower costs

Cybersecurity systems — and the in-house staff you'll need to set up, operate, monitor, and maintain them — are costly. Unfortunately, cybersecurity is an ever-escalating arms race, which means that cutting corners is practically the same as cutting holes in your defenses. You need to put up the latest and best defenses to ward off cyberthreats. You also need to constantly address your cybersecurity solutions’ weak points before hackers can take advantage of them.

An MSP will provide you with comprehensive cybersecurity solutions that are tailored to your organization's specific requirements and budget. They will be able to offer you top-notch software and network security hardware at attractive prices through their partnerships with top vendors. Additionally, for an affordable monthly fee, you can have their team of tech experts watch over and regularly update your cybersecurity systems.

24/7/365 proactive support

Cyberattacks may be launched in the middle of the night or on a Sunday when your in-house IT staff is off duty and unable to solve the problem. The longer a cyberattack goes unnoticed, the more damage it may do to your systems. This leads to a protracted recovery period, which has ramifications on other parts of your business.

Thus, it’s a good thing that an MSP's cyber protection services like proactive monitoring and assistance run round the clock. Proactive monitoring enables an MSP to detect potential dangers as soon as they appear and address them promptly, minimizing damage. If a breach does occur, the MSP will assist you in coming up with and implementing an effective response so that your business can recover quickly.

Reduced pressure on in-house IT personnel

It's difficult for in-house IT staff to stay on top of the cyberthreats that your company faces day in and day out. This is because handling cybersecurity is in itself already a full-time job. Your IT team must keep your business' network and devices safe from threats and flaws, update apps, scan your systems for malware, and conduct security awareness training.

An MSP can manage your business's cybersecurity infrastructure, allowing your IT staff to focus on things that drive revenue. Working with cybersecurity consultants will also benefit your internal staff. They may gain new skills and knowledge as well as learn about best practices from the specialists, making them better prepared to deal with future cyber breaches.

To learn more about how outsourcing cybersecurity can benefit your business, talk to our IT specialists today.