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Top considerations when rolling out digital workspaces

Technology continues to revolutionize the way we work at an evermore rapid pace. On the heels of the processing capabilities offered by personal computers and the interconnectivity provided by the internet, digital workspaces have distinguished themselves as the next great leap in ways of working.

Is it time to upgrade my computer hardware?

In the 21st century, business has become increasingly reliant on computers and computer systems. As such, enterprises have to ensure that the hardware they rely on for computer access is in good condition and fit for purpose. The complication lies in knowing when to upgrade computer hardware.

6 Smart strategies for determining your IT budget for 2020

With technological development moving at a break-neck pace, many small businesses are having a hard time keeping up. Yet to become more adaptable to change, they also need to choose the right solutions and get their technology budgets under control. At the same time, every business faces a constant threat from the rising tide of cyberattacks, which eats into a huge chunk of the business’s IT budget.