IT predictions for 2022

December 24th, 2021

As we approach the end of 2021, it is best to look at what the new year may have in store. To help you prepare for and thrive in 2022, our IT experts at Healthy IT have provided their top five IT predictions.

Creating new hybrid work tools, services, and functionalities
With the rollout of vaccinations in 2021, many companies shifted from fully remote to hybrid work arrangements, giving employees the option to work remotely part of the time.

7 Steps to making your data hurricane-proof

Hurricanes are a common occurrence in many parts of the United States. Not only do they destroy property and endanger lives, but they can also disrupt your business’s operations. In this blog, we offer tips on how you can ensure fast access to your data following a disaster and immediately get back to business.

Boost IT investment returns by avoiding these mistakes

Investing in new IT tools is one of the best ways to improve your business’s efficiency, data security, and ability to serve your customers. But it won’t always produce the outcomes you want if you go about it haphazardly. When purchasing new technology, make sure to avoid these mistakes.

Cloud-based OMS: 5 Benefits to eCommerce businesses

A cloud-based order management system (OMS) is a powerful and intuitive tool for tracking orders, sales, and inventory as well as streamlining the processes involved in order fulfillment. Learn more about this essential tool and its many benefits to eCommerce businesses.

Establishing a successful BYOD policy

Bring your own device (BYOD) policies govern the practice of allowing employee-owned devices to access corporate-owned data.

With smartphone users now comprising over 275 million of the US population, a BYOD policy can help an organization save on hefty equipment costs and improves staff satisfaction by letting them choose the devices they’re most comfortable or familiar with.