Are You On A Bad Date And Don’t Even Know It?

They don’t call back, they don’t answer your texts, and when you get time with them, they are disheveled, rude, and uninterested, doing just the minimum to keep things going.

This sounds like a bad date...and it’s one that many dental practices are on with their current IT guy.

8 IT solutions law firms must have to remain competitive

For many law firms, the right tech can level the playing field. That tech may be something that allows them to operate more efficiently, serve clients more effectively, and conduct case research more quickly. IT can also allow their employees to work from home and have flexible schedules.

What data should your business back up?

Imagine losing a great deal of sales order data to a ransomware attack. You may lose hundreds or thousands of dollars in revenue in a split second, so having a recent backup of transactional information could be a lifesaver for your business.

Next, imagine losing your archive of press releases and guesstimate how much that'll affect your bottom line.

Tips for improving your Excel skills

Are you looking to expand your Microsoft Excel expertise? Do you want to learn how to work smarter with this powerful business tool? This article will provide tips to help you improve your Excel skills.
SUM and AutoSum
SUM is a function that allows you to add individual ranges, cell references, values, or all three.

IT predictions for 2022

December 24th, 2021

As we approach the end of 2021, it is best to look at what the new year may have in store. To help you prepare for and thrive in 2022, our IT experts at Healthy IT have provided their top five IT predictions.

Creating new hybrid work tools, services, and functionalities
With the rollout of vaccinations in 2021, many companies shifted from fully remote to hybrid work arrangements, giving employees the option to work remotely part of the time.

7 Steps to making your data hurricane-proof

Hurricanes are a common occurrence in many parts of the United States. Not only do they destroy property and endanger lives, but they can also disrupt your business’s operations. In this blog, we offer tips on how you can ensure fast access to your data following a disaster and immediately get back to business.