Are Your Smart Devices (Siri, Alexa, Google) Eavesdropping On You?

Have you ever had a conversation about a topic, and then later that day you start seeing news, ads, or updates about that subject, and said to yourself, "This can't be a coincidence"?

Well, you're probably right.

According to Norton, who you may remember as an antivirus software company and who now also owns LifeLock, your smart devices ARE listening to you because that's their job.

What holiday scams should your business look out for in 2022?

The holiday season is upon us — a season of joyful giving for most of us, but for scammers, it’s the season of iniquitous taking. While most holiday scammers victimize individuals, many fraudsters target employees and businesses, too.

Make sure your company keeps an eye out for the most common holiday scams.

Here Are 3 Things All Remote Employees Must Do Now To Prevent Your Law Firm From Being Hacked

The last few years have seen countless companies going to a hybrid work model. According to a survey by Envoy over 77% of businesses have some full or part-time remote employees.

While this change comes with many benefits, as a founding or managing partner, there are three big things you need to make sure your employees are doing to keep your firm’s data secure, avoid online scams, and prevent being a victim of a cyber-attack.

Make sure your cloud server is protected from this

September 21st, 2022

Using a cloud server to drive your business’s technology is a smart idea.

The benefits are huge.

You can use as little or as much storage as you need, without having to worry about limitations or huge bills. Perfect for growing businesses.

Your team can access any data anywhere.

Data protection requirements US law firms must comply with

Law firms typically handle sensitive data like intellectual property, personally identifiable information, corporate strategies, financial reports, and business transaction information. That's why cybercriminals love targeting law firms. It's therefore the responsibility of law firms to protect their clients' data, and this involves complying with certain data security regulations.