Hardware-as-a-Service for
Healthcare and Dental Practices

Tired of buying, fixing, upgrading, and maintaining expensive hardware?

Rent your IT from Healthy IT instead of buying it, and we’ll do all the maintenance, updates, upgrades, and replacements

Buying big-ticket items like cars is great for people who like to own, but when it comes to IT, sometimes it just makes more sense to lease. Hardware requires maintenance and upgrades to stay useful, and technology advances so quickly that IT becomes obsolete much sooner than vehicles. Instead of dealing with the costs and headaches associated with fully outfitting your office, why not pay a fixed monthly rate and forget all those worries?

Healthy IT’s Hardware-as-a-Service (HaaS) provides you with the latest IT hardware without the hassle. When you “rent” IT hardware from us (such as servers, routers, and computers), you’ll get full use of it without having to maintain, repair, update, or upgrade it. We do it all for you. Your overall IT costs will fall, and you’ll have much more time to spend on improving office processes and patient outcomes.

With Healthy IT’s Hardware-as-a-Service, you get

  • The latest and greatest IT hardware without the steep initial purchase price
  • A more predictable IT budget; no more cost spikes when replacing hardware
  • Expert maintenance, updating, and upgrading services, all included in the price
  • Piece of mind knowing you have premium technology that will be replaced if it breaks down at no extra charge
  • Access to a team of IT experts to help you decide which hardware will benefit your practice most

Swift Response to Any Issue!

The Healthy IT team is proactive and often sends us recommendations to help us stay ahead of issues. We have been spared many of the pitfalls that many of our competitors have had to deal with thanks to their efficiency and forethought!

Swift Response to Any Issue!

Tulika Narain, MD
SV Pediatric Center