Want to save time, space, and money by upgrading your servers?

Virtualization enables you to do more with less, giving you a leaner and less expensive IT Infrastructure

Not long ago, network servers were restricted to one operating system and could only run so many apps. The problem now is that your modern servers have more computing power, but that extra capacity is wasted due to those restrictions. So if you want multiple operating systems and a variety of apps running on them, you need to purchase and maintain multiple servers. Virtualization services fixes this problem.

Healthy IT’s virtualization specialists can create partitions on one server so that it can do the work of many. These “virtual servers” function the same way as your physical ones, but since only one piece of hardware is used, you save a lot on purchase, energy, and maintenance costs. You’ll also enjoy more space in your offices since fewer servers are required. Partner with Healthy IT for virtualization services and you’ll get a faster, leaner, more agile, and more cost-effective network.

Healthy IT’s Virtualization Services give you

  • Reduced energy, maintenance, cooling, and hardware purchase costs
  • More versatile servers that can run multiple apps on multiple operating systems without needing new hardware
  • More stable and reliable systems, as virtual servers can be backed up, restored, copied, or moved with ease
  • A more secure IT infrastructure, since you can isolate data and programs on different virtual servers to keep them safe
  • Access to knowledgeable virtualization specialists to answer any and all your questions

They Make Tech User Friendly

Prior to working with Healthy IT, our technology experience was very chaotic. The team at Healthy IT makes technology user friendly, and if there ever is a problem (which we don’t see much of these days), they fix it quickly. Healthy IT ...Read More

Steven Kornhaber

Steven Kornhaber, DDS