VoIP Solutions

Want to improve internal and external communications while saving money?

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) uses your internet connection to provide a better, more cost-effective way to communicate.

Traditional phone lines offer poor audio quality and a limited collection of basic features. Worse still, phone companies still charge an arm and a leg for outdated technology. VoIP is a superior way to communicate, but as with most IT solutions, there are a lot of options to choose from, including providers, hardware (handsets, etc.), and software. How do you know which VoIP Solution is best for your business? Call Healthy IT.

Our VoIP specialists will analyze your IT infrastructure and needs to determine which of our VoIP solutions will benefit you most. We’ll then install your new VoIP system as well as manage, support, and maintain it moving forward so you can sit back and enjoy the advanced features for less than a legacy phone line. You’ll not only experience better collaboration between employees, but your patients will also benefit from improved customer experiences. Our VoIP Services are offered in New York and NJ.

Healthy IT’s Virtualization Services give you

  • Scalability – software-based telecom allows you to add and remove users with ease
  • Convenience – we’ll maintain your system and respond quickly when a problem arises; no more dealing with the phone company!
  • Improved Mobility – connect to calls, voicemails, and video conferences from any device
  • Efficiency – emails, faxes, messaging, and more, all from your VoIP phone system
  • Customer Satisfaction – integrated call center and CRM software improve customer call experience and make managing patients easier

Promptness in Problem Resolution

Working with Healthy IT provides my busy pediatric dentistry practice with access to knowledgeable, skilled technicians who can quickly respond to any issues that arise. When we came onboard initially, we had many Emergencies which Healthy ...Read More

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