Remote Access Solutions for
Healthcare and Dental Practices

Empower your employees to work remotely without compromising on productivity

Remote Access Solutions will enable your operations to run smoothly and remain productive while working from home

Before 2020, the thought of having some of your staff members working remotely was a low priority for many. But now, many industries have transitioned their workflow to remote in the hopes of keeping up with the evolving times. Of course, this is only possible for staff members who aren’t required to see patients as their job. Nonetheless, recent studies reveal that the freedom to create a comfortable environment and schedule encourages employees to perform at their best. Although there are many benefits to workplace flexibility, having a strong strategy in place and the right tools and equipment is crucial to ensure effective communication, collaboration, and management. Our experts can help you configure the perfect remote working setup for your office.

Healthy IT’s remote access technicians will create a Virtual Private Network (VPN) for you to ensure there are secure connections between devices and networks by encrypting internet traffic. This hides remote activity from prying eyes - protecting your staffs’ online privacy, and mitigating the risk of hackers stealing sensitive information. We will patch your software regularly in order to protect your systems from the latest threats, as well as provide you with state-of-the-art security software that will detect and prevent any malicious threats before they reach your system. Let Healthy IT create a smooth transition to remote access for you and your practice. You don’t have to address all of these challenges alone!

Healthy IT’s Remote Access Solutions give you

  • Your own VPN to keep your connection secure and encrypted against threats
  • User access controls to prevent unauthorized access to your private network
  • Regularly-updated cybersecurity solutions to keep your network safe and secure
  • Comprehensive IT support should you encounter any issues or have questions about your Remote Access Solutions
  • A smooth transition to a viable remote work solution so you don’t have to worry about productivity issues

Superior Knowledge, Quick Assessment and Resolution

When I originally engaged Healthy IT for my Dental Practice, they quickly assessed the problems resulting from improper software installation by a non-Dental Systems Integrator. They are available to quickly solve issues and avoid down times. Now, as a Practice Management Consultant, I see the tremendous ...Read More

Superior Knowledge, Quick Assessment and Resolution

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