Tech tips to make your holiday merrier

December 27th, 2020
Tech tips to make your holiday merrier

Whether you’re celebrating the holidays at home or managing a business through to the new year, quality tech is vital to ensuring smooth communications, transactions, and online activity. Investing in the proper tools not only helps you better meet customer demands or family obligations, but also protects your data from cybercriminals taking advantage of online holiday activity.

We dive into our top tech tips for a more relaxed, productive, and merry holiday season, and how our experts at Healthy IT can help.

Make use of your smart devices

Create simple, efficient holiday routines by ensuring your Internet of Things (IoT) devices are set up, updated, and performing as they should. With customer demands and product deliveries set to surge this holiday season, you’ll want operations running as smoothly and efficiently as possible all the time.

Using smart technology can be as simple as having automatic lights, thermostat controls, or even coffee machines in the office, which helps you maintain high levels of workplace comfort and productivity. To get everyone into the holiday spirit, you could even automate your devices to play Christmas music or turn on decorative holiday lights first thing in the morning.

Smart devices can also be used to enhance business operations for the holidays, such as having advanced virtual assistants (e.g., Cortana or Alexa) on hand to deliver regular business reports and day-to-day updates.

Boost your Wi-Fi connection

Whether for home or business purposes, you’ll want a stable and reliable internet connection to stay on top of your tasks.

With online shoppers likely to swarm your website for new holiday deals and promotions, a solid network is critical to keeping operations afloat. Ensure your Wi-Fi routers, modems, and other related devices are up to date, and that your internet bandwidth can accommodate the expected increase in traffic. Speed up your connection by investing in better technology if necessary, as slow page times can impact user engagement and site conversion.

If you are having visitors over for the holidays, you will also want to set up a guest Wi-Fi network to protect your personal or business data and devices. A guest network can also limit the number of users allowed, helping save on internet bandwidth.

Update your security

2020 has seen a continuous increase in cybercrime targeting businesses and personal users alike. Healthcare information has been a primary target, with healthcare organizations suffering $25 billion in cybercrime-related losses during 2019.

As we witness a swell of online business and communications this holiday season, it’s important to keep your IT systems, networks, and data protected. Upgrade your antivirus software and avoid accessing unsecured Wi-Fi networks (or use a virtual private network when doing so). Keep alert of phishing scams in the guise of holiday sales or promotions, or sketchy online retailers amidst your Christmas shopping spree.

Business owners must also review and, if necessary, improve their response and recovery plans in case of an actual data breach. Be sure your employees are also equipped with the tools and skills to manage digital threats as they come.

Set up reliable video call software

Finally, if you are catching up with family, friends, colleagues, or clients remotely during the holiday season, then you must have the appropriate video chat software or platforms.

Amidst the current global pandemic, celebrations may go digital, making video conferencing tools more in-demand than ever. Investing in the right technology can thus allow for smoother, more enjoyable and stable video calls, simulating the experience of being in the same room together.

Looking to upgrade your tech for the holidays?

Healthy IT offers a wide range of IT services, ensuring the safety and quality of your business during this busy time. Whether it’s keeping your cybersecurity up to date, providing 24/7 support, or setting up Voice over Internet Protocol solutions, our experts have all you need to ensure a merry and productive holiday season. Get in touch and book your free consultation today.