Top considerations when rolling out digital workspaces

Technology continues to revolutionize the way we work at an evermore rapid pace. On the heels of the processing capabilities offered by personal computers and the interconnectivity provided by the internet, digital workspaces have distinguished themselves as the next great leap in ways of working. The amount of flexibility and accessibility they grant employees translates to productivity gains for businesses. Any company seeking to gain a competitive edge in the crowded marketplace stands to benefit from getting ahead of this trend.

As with any new and disruptive technology, the trap is in embracing it heedlessly and without sufficient understanding of its nuances. Careless introduction of digital workspaces to your business carries a number of risks. It may render this new tool ineffective, and at worst, can prove more a liability than an asset.

Thankfully for businesses in the Long Island and Metro NY areas, Healthy IT is there to help you navigate this critical process. With our insider knowledge and tried-and-tested methodologies, we can ensure that your business is poised to derive as much value from this revolutionary new technology now. Here are some of the principles we adhere to:

Consistency of user experience

There are a variety of situations that you have to account for when designing digital workspaces. Employees could be accessing a digital workspace from a number of environments and/or devices, so the experience should be comparable regardless of where and how they're accessing it. All the additional flexibility and accessibility would mean little if employees aren’t able to effectively utilize the digital workspace.

Our focus is on the user experience, and we’ll ensure that all platforms and applications function as intended on any device. Furthermore, we’ll make sure that the user interface is intuitive and easy-to-use to minimize the need for special training.

Proper IT governance and security

With increased freedom comes a need for rules and regulations to ensure that freedom is wielded responsibly. With digital workspaces, the ability to share, copy, and extract data and information is more powerful and varied than ever. IT governance ensures that guidelines are in place so that information is managed in ways that would not pose a risk to your business.

Security layers like reliable monitoring and crisis management plans will be put in place to prevent and mitigate any compromising situations. All of these also serve to ensure compliance with all regulations regarding the sharing and use of data.

BYOD initiatives

One method of making the most of digital workspaces is the implementation of bring your own device (BYOD) initiatives, which allow employees to use personal devices to access organizational resources and information, and to do work. When handled correctly, BYOD can lead to significant savings in technology costs and improved productivity from employees. While it comes with its own set of risks, with robust security and governance measures in place, BYOD can become a very effective tool.

Encouraging productivity

Digital workspaces equip your workforce with a greater set of tools so they can work more conveniently and quickly. This also allows easier and more seamless collaboration between employees. Equipping your digital workspace with the right tools like social networks enables them to share information much more easily, set up virtual meetings, and follow up on sales opportunities, which can lead to productivity gains.

Using digital workspaces properly can lead to more work done, happier employees, and lower overhead costs. Get in touch with Healthy IT now, and we’ll make sure you and your business are able to make the most of this incredible technology.