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Dental practices: Ensuring HIPAA compliance in 2022

Hackers often target small- to medium-sized dental practices like yours to steal data and sell it on the dark web. Therefore, it’s important that you remain vigilant against any vulnerabilities that your practice may have.

In this regard, HIPAA compliance is considered to be the least that dental offices should have in place since government-mandated cybersecurity protocols lag behind the latest IT developments.

How can law firms benefit from Microsoft 365?

More than a decade ago, Microsoft shifted from selling desktop software licenses to offering subscriptions to a collection of Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) apps called Office 365. Now called Microsoft 365, this software suite is offered in different plans ranging from the basic cloud-only package to the premium cloud-and-desktop package.

Printer security tips to prevent cyberattacks against your business

Business leaders invest a lot of time and resources into cybersecurity because they understand that protecting sensitive data is a necessity in the digital age. One business component that often gets overlooked are business printers. They are also vulnerable to cyberattacks, so make sure to follow these tips to ensure your company stays protected.

How much does network downtime cost your business?

Modern businesses rely on data and IT systems to run smoothly. For instance, you need cloud-based business apps to control and monitor various business functions, and you need internet access to connect to these apps. If your IT systems break down, your company can incur eye-watering costs from downtime.

Windows 11: The basics you need to know

Windows 10 remains the most popular operating system (OS) in the world today. And because it will still be supported until 2025, most users don’t feel the urgency to upgrade to Windows 11. While there’s still plenty of time to upgrade to the latest Microsoft OS, it doesn’t hurt to know what you’re getting into — especially because every Microsoft user will eventually have to use it.

The risks of riskware to your business

Many things around us are not intended to be harmful, but have the potential to be dangerous. Take a plastic bag, for example. Although designed to contain things, it can become a suffocation hazard for young children.

This concept of potential danger can also be applied to legitimate and bootleg software programs categorized as riskware.

Why does your law firm need VoIP?

February 20th, 2022

It's vital for New York law firms like yours to make client service the best that it could be. One way to do this is by upgrading your communications technology. If you're still using traditional landlines, it's time to switch to Voice over Internet Technology or VoIP. Let's look at the ways this feature-packed tech will benefit your practice.

Use digital tools to maximize your dental practice’s efficiency

A visit to the dentist is often a poor experience, especially for patients getting a painful treatment such as a tooth extraction or a root canal. Often, their stress over the treatment itself is compounded by the hassle of setting the appointment, filling out endless forms, and getting asked the same questions over and over by the dental staff.

It’s Time To Wake Up To The Reality Of Cyber Security In 2022

All across the world, hackers are targeting and exploiting security weaknesses and holding data hostage. In May, the Colonial Pipeline was hit by a cyber-attack that disrupted fuel supplies along the East Coast for several days. The company – and the FBI – paid hackers $4.4 million in Bitcoin to regain control of the system.