Cybersecurity Solutions for
Law Firms

Best-in-class protection to maintain industry compliance and your hard-earned reputation

In addition to being exceptional in courts, successful modern law firms must also ensure clients’ information are completely secure from cyberthreats

In an age where data is power, having your clients’ information stolen could result in expensive legal fines and eroded trust. Hackers can also use personal data to commit financial identity theft or healthcare fraud, creating large-scale damage that’s painful and expensive to resolve. But Healthy IT’s Cybersecurity Solutions are specifically designed to help law firms avoid these scenarios.

Our experts will create a legal-specific defense scheme and implement the necessary tools. As you focus on your cases, we’ll ensure your cybersecurity is always optimized and current, so you never have to worry about failing compliance or losing your clients’ trust.

Healthy IT’s Cybersecurity Solutions give your law firm:

  • Thorough assessments of your current cybersecurity performance
  • Tailored strategy to address your system vulnerabilities, and strengthen your overall defense
  • A range of sophisticated security software including robust firewalls, real-time threat scanner, and more
  • Round-the-clock monitoring to address risks before they can cause problems
  • Routine updates to keep up with ever-evolving online threats

Healthy IT Helped Us Through a Massive Cyberattack

In July 2020, our business underwent a cyberattack with a terrible ransomware virus. The Healthy IT team leapt to action immediately to minimize the damage, working relentlessly and tirelessly to restore our data and implement tighter ...Read More

Joseph Gadaleta

Joseph Gadaleta
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