Data Backup Solutions for
Healthcare and Dental Practices

Have secure backups of your vital data should something happen to it?

Healthcare and dental businesses rely on data more than most other industries — don’t get caught without backups. Find service options with Healthy IT's Data Backup and Recovery for Healthcare and Dental Practices

Your data is your business’s lifeblood. Financial information, communications, EHRs — losing just one of these kinds of data to a hardware failure, natural disaster, or cyberattack will damage your business and its reputation with prolonged or even indefinite downtime. Healthcare businesses are at the most risk, as they also leave themselves open to litigation and government penalties should they lose their data.

Don’t let your business suffer from permanent data loss. Get fast, secure, Automated Data Backup Services from Healthy IT. Our technicians will ensure every byte of your vital data is regularly backed up to secure drives at geo-redundant data centers so there’s always a complete copy. We’ll also monitor and test your Dental and Healthcare backups regularly to maintain their security and integrity, guaranteeing that when something does happen to your data, it will be restored exactly as it was.

Healthy IT’s Data Backup Solutions give you

  • Automatic, unobtrusive backup programs that keep your spare copies current to the minute
  • Redundant backups of your data stored in fortified data centers at multiple locations
  • Access to knowledgeable data backup specialists to answer any and all your questions
  • Protection from indefinite downtime, angry customers, lawsuits, and compliance fines as a result of lost data
  • Peace of mind knowing that you’ll never be without the data your business and patients rely on

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Alan Kantro

Alan Kantro, DMD