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Today’s cutthroat legal industry means a team of skilled, seasoned lawyers alone won’t guarantee your law firm will succeed, because your competitors are always improving their efficiency and client satisfaction through smart office technology. To stay competitive, you need secure, optimized business IT that allows you to focus on your cases and maintain compliance with changing regulations, and you have to do it all without breaking your budget.

But investing in the right IT solutions for your law firm and keeping everything at its peak performance around the clock is resource-demanding. That’s why Healthy IT offers our hassle-free, cost-effective IT Support for law firms. Our skilled IT experts will learn the specific challenges and goals of your law firm, then implement targeted IT solutions that’ll help you work smarter and win cases more effectively. As you focus on scaling your legal practice, we’ll remain on standby to provide responsive technology support whenever you need it, so nothing gets in the way of your success.

From appointment management to administration to legal document archiving, our managed IT services for law firms will help with:

  • Fast, reliable support to quickly resolve any of your questions or problems
  • Certified IT experts experienced in legal office software and systems
  • 24/7 monitoring and proactive maintenance for maximum uptime
  • Automatic backups and step-by-step plans to help you get back to work fast after any downtime event
  • Robust data and network security to protect your entire legal practice from evolving threats
  • Maintaining compliance with changing industry regulations
  • Swift software integrations so everything works seamlessly with your current infrastructure

Managed IT Services

Peak performance law firm IT keeps your operations efficient and your attention on your cases

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Data Backup Solutions

Automatic, geo-redundant backups mean you never lose data

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Cybersecurity Solutions

Up-to-date, effective tools protect your entire firms' IT against emerging threats

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Remote Access Solutions

A secure, easy-to-manage platform that allows your employees to efficiently collaborate without compromising on data security

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Cloud Hosting Solutions

Seamless Cloud hosting solutions will give your firm secure, easy access to important documents from anywhere, at anytime

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We equip your law firm with enterprise-grade solutions at the best possible prices


These refer to the practice of outsourcing your law firm’s technology management and support to a service provider, with the purpose of improving business operations and reducing costs.

Innovative business technologies are improving law firm operations all the time, from managing appointments on mobile devices and storing legal files in the cloud to automating mundane tasks and using top-of-the-line cybersecurity tools to maintain compliance. While these can improve service quality and efficiency, they also require round-the-clock monitoring and management from technology experts. A law firm-specific services provider can handle these burdens while maximizing the benefits for you.

Healthy IT understands that when technology problems occur, you need effective solutions to resolve them fast before they hurt your productivity and bottom line. We have over 20 years of delivering efficiency-enhancing IT solutions and always-optimized IT to small businesses, and our skilled and seasoned IT experts will do the same for you, at a price that doesn’t break the bank.

Healthy IT is more than just your average IT company. We’re founded and led by a former Dental Assistant and Dental Repair Mechanic and Systems Engineer. Our hands-on dental experience gives us unique insights into and expertise in your needs, operations, and challenges. This means we know precisely which software, programs, and solutions are right for you and how to fully leverage them to improve your practice.

We’re proud of our quick response times and always work hard to resolve any technical issues you may have within minutes of first contact.