Remote Access Solutions for Law Firms

Secure and cost-efficient remote working setup for your legal workforce

Imagine how efficient it would be if your legal teams can collaborate securely from anywhere

To stay competitive in these evolving times means to be able to maintain productivity and quality of service no matter where your employees are working from. But you can’t achieve this without having secure and efficient networks, systems, and tools that suit your legal practice’s needs. Our Remote Access Solutions can help you solve that.

Our seasoned technicians will create a virtual private network (VPN) for your business to ensure data security, then keep everything up to date to minimize cyberattack risks. We also provide responsive user support and so much more, to ensure your remote teams have exactly what they need to deliver quality work.

Healthy IT’s Remote Access Solutions for Law Firms include, but are not limited to:

  • Your own VPN to keep data and communication secure, no matter where your staff are working from
  • Tailored recommendations on productivity tools that best suit your law firm’s needs
  • Best-in-class security software and routine patches to keep your business safe from advanced threats
  • Responsive IT support for any of your questions or issues

Healthy IT Helped Us Through a Massive Cyberattack

In July 2020, our business underwent a cyberattack with a terrible ransomware virus. The Healthy IT team leapt to action immediately to minimize the damage, working relentlessly and tirelessly to restore our data and implement tighter ...Read More

Joseph Gadaleta

Joseph Gadaleta
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