Remote Access Solutions for
Small Businesses

Give your employees the opportunity to work from home without compromising your business

Healthy IT will help you lay the foundation for effective work from home policies by providing customized Remote Access Solutions

Remote working has established itself as a viable alternative to working at an office, but there are still a lot of challenges for businesses to address. Aside from setting up infrastructure that allows employees to effectively do their jobs, there are also numerous security risks that could expose the company’s IT networks to unauthorized personnel. How do you manage to keep tabs on your employees while keeping everyone else out? Healthy IT has the answer for you.

Our Remote Access Solutions give you the ability to control who accesses your business IT network, and what their level of access will be. Our engineers will configure the access control settings to meet your specifications, and we’ll set up a Virtual Private Network (VPN) to keep internet traffic in your network secure and private. Healthy IT will manage and update the security protocols for your Remote Access Solutions, and we’ll also provide IT support if you have any issues with your remote access solutions.

Healthy IT’s Remote Access Solutions will give you:

  • Your own VPN to keep your connection secure and encrypted against threats
  • User access controls to prevent unauthorized access to your private network
  • Regularly-updated cybersecurity solutions to keep your network safe and secure
  • A smooth transition to a viable remote work solution so you don’t have to worry about productivity issues

Healthy IT Has Our Utmost Trust!

We have been working with Healthy IT since we opened our doors 10.5 years ago.  Scott and his team have earned my utmost trust which is invaluable.  I never have to worry about the security or efficiency of our system.  They are wonderful ...Read More

Meg T. Smith

Meg T. Smith
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