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Seamless operations, HIPAA-
compliant IT systems, and more
time for your patients

Reliable, streamlined, and secure technology is vital to the entire patient experience, from appointment scheduling to receiving treatment to billing. Unsecure networks, malfunctioning devices, unintegrated systems, and other IT challenges make it harder for medical professionals to perform their jobs and stay compliant. That’s why Healthy IT offers comprehensive, HIPAA compliant Healthcare IT solutions and support services.

With Healthy IT as your provider for IT support for healthcare, you can forget about IT worries and focus on your patients with best-in-class technology and support customized to your unique practice. With our medical IT support, you will have streamlined operations, robust data security, and mobile access, all backed by proactive maintenance and support, and your staff will have the tools and capabilities to deliver high-quality patient experiences no matter what shift they work or where they’re located.

Healthcare IT Support

What will our managed IT services for healthcare provide you with?

Enjoy healthier bottom lines through our cost-cutting, always-on IT that empowers you with:

  • Certified experts experienced in healthcare software and systems
  • Hassle-free compliance with changing industry regulations like HIPAA and HITECH
  • EMR solutions for more secure, streamlined, yet accessible patient information
  • Redundant off-site backups of your data and infrastructure so you can always operate even during disasters
  • 24/7/365 management and support to proactively solve any issues before they result in downtime
  • Easily scalable solutions so you can always meet changing demand

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Our full suite of solutions and services transforms your Healthcare
IT into a productivity-boosting, efficiency-enhancing asset


Managed IT Services

Peak performance office IT keeps your operations efficient and your attention on your patients

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Disaster Recovery Planning

Comprehensive, clear planning gets your office up and running fast

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Data Backup Solutions

Automatic, geo-redundant backups mean you never lose data

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Remote Access Solutions

A secure, easy-to-manage platform that allows your staff to efficiently collaborate without compromising on data security

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VoIP Solutions

Streamline your office communications in the cloud for more efficient operations

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Let us keep your hardware optimized while saving you time and money

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Desktop Support

Friendly, certified professionals providing fast solutions for any issue, 24/7/365

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Server Support

We’ll keep your IT environment agile, stable, and secure so it always meets your changing needs

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Cybersecurity Solutions

Up-to-date, effective tools protect your entire practice's IT against emerging threats

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Managed IT solutions and services for healthcare refers to the practice of outsourcing a healthcare company’s technology management and support to a service provider, with the purpose of improving business operations while reducing costs.

New technologies are being incorporated into healthcare all the time, including EMR solutions, more mobile devices, and telehealth services. While these can help you improve service quality and efficiency, they also increase your risk of cyberattacks, compliance violations, and downtime. A healthcare-specific services provider can minimize these IT risks and fully leverage the benefits.

Absolutely! We can offer unbiased technology recommendations, negotiate with vendors and manage the licensing on your behalf to ensure you get the products and prices that work for your practice.

We understand how critical speed is in your industry, so addressing your concerns and solving your issues quickly is our top priority.

Healthy IT is more than just your average IT company. Joey, our Director of Operations, is a licensed physician. His medical background combined with his IT knowledge helps our healthcare offices navigate and integrate technology while keeping best medical practices in mind. This means we know precisely which software, programs, and solutions are right for you and how to fully leverage them to improve your healthcare practice.