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Streamlined, worry-free IT means you can deliver better patient experiences while saving money

Today’s dental industry demands fast, reliable, highly secure services and better oral care. Leveraging advanced technology can help you accomplish this. But without expert guidance and maintenance, your IT can become a liability, exposing you to cybersecurity risks, compliance violations, costly inefficiencies, and unhappy patients. Instead of hiring expensive, in-house techs, you can outsource your IT to the experts at Healthy IT for a fraction of the cost.

We leverage our extensive industry experience to deliver dental IT solutions and services that help your practice grow and stay compliant. Our systems and software streamline your administrative and clinical operations so your patients enjoy a seamless experience, and our proactive maintenance ensures your IT is always on, up to date, and secure. You can focus on caring for your patients and forget about IT worries and compliance headaches.


From appointment management to oral imaging to billing and everything in between, we help your practice with:

  • Fast, reliable support to quickly solve any and all IT issues
  • Certified experts experienced in dental office software and systems
  • 24/7 monitoring and proactive maintenance for maximum uptime
  • Automatic backups and clear plans to quickly recover from any downtime event
  • Smart data and network security to keep you protected from evolving threats
  • Achieving and maintaining compliance with HIPAA and all regulatory requirements
  • Seamless software integrations so new technologies immediately work with your current infrastructure

Enterprise-grade solutions to meet all your needs, and small-business prices to improve your margins


Managed IT Services

Peak-performance business IT keeps your operations efficient and attention on your patients

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Disaster Recovery Planning

Comprehensive, clear planning to get you back in business fast

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Data Backup Solutions

Automatic, geo-redundant backups mean you never lose data

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The most cost-effective way to increase computing power and resources from your current servers

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VoIP Solutions

Streamline your business communications in the cloud for more efficient operations

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Let us keep your hardware optimized while saving you time and money

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Desktop Support

Friendly, certified professionals providing fast solutions for any issue, 24/7/365

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Server Support

We’ll keep your IT environment agile, stable, and secure so it always meets your changing needs

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Mac Support

Specialized expertise ensuring you always get the most out of your preferred OS

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class Dental IT products and solutions


These refer to the outsourcing of a dental practice’s technology management and support to a service provider, with the purpose of improving business operations while reducing costs.

Some of the latest technologies include smart toothbrushes that scan your teeth, lasers that remove decay, and 3D printers that manufacture caps right in the office while patients wait. These translate into fewer office visits, better cost-effectiveness, greater access to care, and more satisfied patients. And Healthy IT will help your practice make it a reality.

New technologies are being incorporated into dental practices all the time, from making payments on mobile devices and storing medical records in the cloud to next-gen diagnostic and prevention tools. While these can improve service quality and efficiency, they also increase your risk of cyberattacks, compliance violations, and downtime. A dental-specific services provider can minimize these IT risks while maximizing the benefits.

Healthy IT is more than just your average IT company. We’re founded and led by a former Dental Assistant and Dental Repair Mechanic and Systems Engineer. Our hands-on dental experience gives us unique insights into and expertise in your needs, operations, and challenges. This means we know precisely which software, programs, and solutions are right for you and how to fully leverage them to improve your practice.

No problem! Many of our clients have their own internal IT support person or department to handle their day-to-day IT needs. But we can become an extension of your practice, providing as much IT consulting and support as you need.

We understand how critical speed is in your field, so addressing your concerns and solving your issues quickly is our top priority.