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Struggling to keep your business technology aligned with your growing demands? Our experienced IT Consulting Long Island team can help.

Understanding why technology is crucial to business growth and allocating a budget for necessary innovations is a promising start for any modern, competitive organization. But making the right technology investments is what will cement a sustainable, long-term growth. Unfortunately, this is where many small businesses make mistakes. When deciding which technologies to invest in, they don’t involve a professional technology consultant to help them minimize costs. This can result in using tools that can’t efficiently support growing business demands or systems that slow down workflows instead of boosting productivity. Avoid these expensive and time-wasting setbacks by letting Healthy IT handle your technology.

Our Long Island IT consultants will also work as your business consultants, considering your future goals, current needs, and budget before recommending technologies to help you achieve the desired results. We’ll plan strategically, handle vendor management, ensure seamless implementation, and provide reliable support. Our end goal is to improve your productivity and cost efficiency as you scale up in the Long Island market and beyond.

Healthy IT provides reliable Managed IT Services, IT Support, and Consulting Services for all of your technological requirements. Our Long Island IT Consultant can quickly respond when you need on-site assistance with everything from on-premise server maintenance to creating your ideal hybrid cloud environment, cloud migrations, and cybersecurity solutions.

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With increased uptime, better cybersecurity, and more streamlined operations, your staff can focus on delivering outstanding services to your customers.

We’re proud to partner with the best businesses in the industry to give our clients the finest IT Consulting solutions in Long Island


Why choose Healthy IT as your Long Island technology consulting services provider?

Healthy IT began as an offshoot of S.T. Sanford Computer Consulting, Inc. Our mission is to provide superior, specialized IT support and services to healthcare practices and businesses in a wide range of industries that aim to improve their operational efficiency, customer service, and cost effectiveness.

Our commitment for your business/practice is not complex. We seek to simplify your IT systems and make technology easier and more enjoyable to use. After all, even the best solutions on the market don’t do much if they are too complicated to leverage fully.

In addition to streamlined IT operations, we also provide proactive maintenance and swift technical support so that you spend as little time as possible on your technology, giving you more time to do what you do best.

Whether you’re concerned with the current rising costs of your IT services, or worried that your current IT can’t meet your growing business demands, Healthy IT can help you today. Our custom service packages deliver what you need without overstepping the boundaries of your budget, so we can assist your Long Island business no matter its size or type.

As one of the leading Managed IT Services provider in Long Island, we identify what your Long Island business needs – and what your competitors have. We'll listen to your targeted business outcomes and provide strategic planning to help you get there.

Healthy IT will take your Long Island based business into the future with industry-leading technology, new data protection solutions, and dependable processes for increased productivity. If you're going to outsource your IT services, make us your first choice!

Frequently Asked Questions

IT consulting services involve customized IT project management and advisory services on how an organization can best leverage technology to achieve business goals and maximum ROI.

Yes, as a part of IT consulting services, your consultants can manage IT projects of different sizes and complexities from start to finish. These include assessments, planning, vendor management, implementation, and ongoing support.

Most IT projects fail because of unclear specifications and unforeseen risks. A clear specification with an acceptance testing plan guarantees that the final outcome meets your requirements. Identifying and managing potential risks ensures that your projects will not experience substantial budget overruns, schedule delays, and possibly even complete failure.

The two most important qualities to consider when selecting an IT project manager are certifications and a proven track record of success. Certifications guarantee knowledge while a portfolio of past successful work shows relevant, hands-on experience and industry insight.